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2 Ways to Grow Your Business Faster - Zander Fryer

September 21, 2020

Lots of entrepreneurs are out there delivering so many products, believing that the more options they offer, the more clients they will get. They couldn’t be more wrong! Actually, there are only 2 ways to grow your business faster, and they have nothing to do with offering lots of products to different targets. Today, I’m explaining why you need to start focusing on less things to get better results, and how to move from $1K to over $100K a month!


You will learn:


  • The 2 ways to grow your business faster.
  • Why focusing on less is the most transformational change you can make.
  • Having more programs won’t attract more clients.
  • How to move from $1K a month to $100K with one single offer.
  • Learning to get unnecessary things off the boat.




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