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Scaling Up Sales In An Uncertain Economy - w/ Cathal Walsh

June 8, 2020

This world crisis has impacted people and business at all levels and taken every one to an everlasting status of economic uncertainty, but it has also opened more opportunities than ever. Today, I’m talking with Cathal Walsh, our Chief Business Strategist at High Impact Coaching, who is revealing the truth about the effects of this health crisis, as well as why this is the best time to have a coaching business. Figure out what markets your clients are prioritizing and make the most of your niche!


You will learn:


  • This is the time when your clients need your help more than ever before.
  • How this crisis has made us change our communication and sales process.
  • What kind of sales strategies are no longer effective.
  • How quick everything has changed in the business two months ago.
  • The top markets people are prioritizing right now.
  • The top 3 things coaches are doing wrong right now.



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