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3 Steps to Coaching Offers That Sell Like Crazy

August 31, 2020

Unlike to this popular belief that having a premium coaching service is the only requirement to get your business off the ground, it’s actually not enough.

You need to develop a solid offer that solves an urgent problem people have right now, and today I am showing you how to step up your business, even in times of crisis. Find out as I explain how to put out content that catches people and come up with an offer that gives quick results!


You will learn:
● 3 steps that will help you design your marketing strategy.

● The difference between coaching and marketing content.

● Why you can’t sell a 12-month coaching program.

● How to put out content that drives people to your business.

● Coming up with a really solid offer that can sell itself and show quick results.

● Doing something different that people have never seen before.


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