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Can Setting Goals Be a Bad Thing? - Zander Fryer

October 12, 2020

What if I told you that setting goals could actually be a terrible idea, but comparing yourself might be a good thing to do? Today. I am debunking some misconceptions and limiting beliefs most coaches, especially when we’re starting off, have and don’t let us grow. I’m spilling the beans on the single purpose of setting goals and how feeling stretched and stressed can help you move forward. Don’t miss out on this lesson, because it’s going to be very important from now on!


You will learn:


  • Debunking some misbeliefs most coaches have.
  • The major purpose for setting a goal.
  • Why comparing yourself to other people might actually be a good idea.
  • What your goals should actually be like.
  • The kind of goals that will definitely boost your business.




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