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How To Build A Professional Coaching Business - With Cathal Walsh

November 16, 2020

One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves before getting our business up and running is related to making the transition from a corporate job to a full-time coaching business. When is it a good idea to quit your job and become your own boss? Today, I’m chatting with Cathal Walsh, who made the transition from his professional career to getting his business up and running, and he can teach you a thing or two about turning professionals into successful business coaches, so find out as he explains the right way to make that transition.


You will learn:


  • How to make the transition from your professional career to business coaching.
  • The fear to overcome when jumping to the entrepreneurial path.
  • The worrying truth about most business coaches out there.
  • Keeping your corporate job while running a coaching business.
  • Why your clients will love to spend a lot of money in your service.
  • The mistake that prevents professional coaches from succeeding.
  • What NOT to do if you’re not a good salesman or marketer.




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