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How to hit $10k/mo and beyond in the conscious career coaching space - w/ Jay Abbasi

August 11, 2021

Phiroze Divecha here, success coach here at High Impact Coaching. In this episode We are going to hear how Jay went from being in senior sales leadership roles at Tesla to starting his own mindfulness based career coaching business. We’ll explore what roles mindfulness and meditation play in Jay’s life and business as well as what practical tips you can take away as a career coach using Linkedin.


Today we're going to dig into his story. We have a great mix of the practical tips as well as the softer skills and mindsets needed to have massive impact with his clients.


Stay tuned and remember, you didn’t sign up for easy, you signed up for impact!



In this Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why Jay doesn’t like avocados (who does like avocados?!)
  • How Jay incorporates mindfulness to help scale his business and his clients results 
  • How Jay left a leadership role at Tesla to follow his passion for coaching
  • Linkedin hacks and tips to connect with clients 
  • The single biggest mistakes he made as a starting coach (and how you can avoid it)
  • How charging his clients more got them even better results
  • The system we helped him put in place to attract clients (and why they weren’t coming to him automatically)


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