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How To Leverage Youtube Ads to Build an Infinite Pipeline of High Ticket Leads - with Aleric Heck

June 29, 2020

Today, I’m talking with Aleric Heck, CEO, and Founder of AdOutreach, as well as an amazing Youtube Guru who has been on that platform for over 10 years. He’s figured out the best way to generate consistent leads for businesses, coaches and consultants with video-based marketing strategies, and he’s spilling the beans on how to grow a youtube channel and turn it into a powerful resource to get high-ticket clients with these awesome strategies.


You will learn:


  • Generating consistent high-ticket leads on Youtube.
  • How to he got into Youtube and became the largest app-reviewing channel.
  • The way to keep producing revenue for over 10 years on Youtube. 
  • When it’s the right time for coaches to get into paid advertisement on Youtube.
  • The huge difference between Facebook and Youtube ads.
  • Why phone-shot videos actually do better than videos recorded by professional cameras.
  • The 2 biggest mistakes people make when delivering Youtube ads.
  • What to do when running a successful Youtube channel.
  • Identifying and targeting the ideal high-ticket client.



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