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How to make $30k/mo As a Spiritual Coach - w/ Lisa Brewer

January 18, 2021

Is it possible to become a well-off spiritual coach? Contrary to what most people might think, spirituality and money don’t repel each other! Today, I’m talking with the amazing Lisa Brewer, who has gone on a long but fascinating journey from charging $30 to making over $30K a month as a spiritual coach. Join us and find out the biggest shift she had to make in order to get up to that point, and the unbelievable breakthrough she is about to reveal.


You will learn:


  • Debunking the myth that business and spirituality can’t go together.
  • Something we always forget as an entrepreneur.
  • The biggest lesson she learned from her beginning days.
  • Getting the “pain in the ass” factor dropped immediately.
  • Why you can’t ever charge low prices (even at the beginning).
  • The moment she realized she was worth enough to be paid premium prices.




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