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How To Make DATA Your Friend And Use It To Grow Your Business with Zach White

October 26, 2020

Collecting data is one of the most boring and exhausting tasks to do when you’re an online coaching business owner. Most coaches hate (or are scared of) data, but today, Hanna Hermanson is chatting with Zach White, CEO, and Founder of Oasis Of Courage. He’s explaining why you should view data as your best friend and how to make the most of it to scale your business to the next level and become a successful entrepreneur. 


You will learn:


  • 2 things about data that you need to understand.
  • The importance of measuring data in order to be a successful business owner.
  • Turning data collection into a fundamental part of the process.
  • Data itself doesn’t make you smart, but there’s a way to make the most of it.
  • Why collecting data is a long game.
  • The smart answers you need to ask yourself for building a scalable business.
  • How to make predictions with the data you collect.
  • How often you should hold your business accountable.




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