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How To Sell High Ticket In Your In Person Gym? with Jay Williams

November 30, 2020

How to move from being over 300 pounds to running your own in-person gym and making $50K/mo? Get to know Jay Williams, our lead success coach at High Impact Coaching. He went through that journey and knows a thing or two about getting high-ticket clients, so pay attention to his story and apply the tips he’s about to reveal!


You will learn:


  • Jay’s journey from running an in-person gym to joining us at HIC.
  • How he struggled to be as fit as he’s now (losing 100 pounds in the process)
  • His outstanding way to making $50K/mo running a gym.
  • The most shocking part of getting a gym up and running.
  • Why he’s been able to get high-ticket clients.
  • Dealing with mindset around charging.
  • The real reason why businesses (with premium products and services) die.




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