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If You Aren’t Making 6 Figures, You’re Being Selfish

June 1, 2020

Not making money actually makes you a selfish person! I’m sure you must have never thought of this, but it’s true. Some time ago, Adam Toren, the founder of Entrepreneur, explained this to me and it blew my mind… now I understand why it’s difficult for so many coaches to reach 6 figures, and today, I’m sharing this knowledge with you, as well as 4 tips to become successful in business.


You will learn:



  • The reason why coaches don’t make 6 figures.
  • It might be difficult to work with entrepreneurs who are under 6 figures.
  • 4 tips you must apply if you want to be successful.
  • Accepting haters as part of the business process.
  • Why undercharging is the fastest way to kill your business.
  • You are morally responsible of making more money.
  • The only thing you need to worry about in business.





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