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Producing Content That Gets You $PAID$ - with Hanna Hermanson

August 17, 2020

There are lots of coaches out there who are so proud of themselves just because they get a ton of likes and shares on their social media, but there’s a question none of them can answer: how many sales have they made? Everyone has become so obsessed with engagement that they sometimes forget the whole point of putting out content in the first place: SELLING. That’s why today, I’m talking with Hanna Hermanson, an awesome woman who will teach you the things to take notice of when posting on social media to get the best results.


You will learn:


  • The biggest mistake coaches make when producing content for their audience.
  • What kind of content actually drives money to your business.
  • The goal you must focus on when posting content on social media.
  • How not to talk to your clients.
  • Why engagement doesn’t necessarily bring clients.
  • What to do when your engagement is going down, but your sales increase.
  • Who you should trust to give you feedback.



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