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Starting Coaches: Spend 80% Of Your Time Doing This

January 4, 2021

Starting coaches usually waste so much time making their product perfect and upgrading their service on a daily basis. In their minds, the better their service, the more clients they’ll get, but they couldn’t be more WRONG! The truth is that, when you are just starting off, there’s a minimum viable product (MVP) that will ONLY get better by enrolling clients. When it comes to new coaching businesses, sales always come first, and this is why.


You will learn:


  • 3 things starting coaches pay either too much or not enough attention to.
  • Why focusing on improving your product is detrimental for starting coaches.
  • Marketing and Sales ALWAYS come first.
  • The only thing that can kill your business, even when you have a premium product.
  • The right way to refine your product.




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